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Why I love the 70's

Happy Saturday Folks!

If someone asked me what decade I would want to live before I was born, my answer would totally be the 70’s.

I was born in the 90’s, so never had to experience the 70’s firsthand, but I have a strange fascination with this decade.

First of all, and because this is mainly a fashion blog, let’s talk about the 70’s fashion.

You probably already noticed I take a lot of fashion inspiration from this decade…

Flares, platforms and big hippy chic dresses all have something in common: combine style with comfort, which is something I’m always looking for when I’m dressing.


Now let’s talk about music…

You know I’m all about Rock music and love all types of Rock, and the seventies were such a great time in the Rock music history.

Also, my favourite bands of all time lived between the 60’s and the 70’s, such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Rolling Stones, etc, believe me, this list is endless πŸ™‚

Now let’s talk about the interior design and architecture of the ’70s.

Everything changed this decade. Strange shapes and colors appeared as the trippy art movement that had started in the 60s carried through into this decade. The arts, in general, thrived in this era. Classic films still loved today, like The Godfather, influenced a lot of people as well as types of poster art that are still found in people’s homes today.
Strange bold things that you never thought you would see in a home before the seventies. In the 1970s, interior design, such as their bold use of color, wall decals, psychedelic art, etc. reached a level of raw exuberance that has never been equaled since.

This is why I’m always searching for furniture from this decade.

This was a decade of changes, lost for good such as increasing of free love and acceptance.

Just wish to wake up in the seventies someday, even without internet, which would be definitely what I was going to miss more about nowadays.


Have a wonderful weekend.


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