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Happy Sunday guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I’ve been travelling the past days to celebrate the 8th year anniversary with my boyfriend. My friend suggested that I look into free followers for instagram to get more eyes on our fantastic trip! I absolutely love sharing my travels with my followers online and I enjoy spreading my content across a range of social media platforms. YouTube is one that I’d definitely like to explore more as I think vlogs could be a good direction for my content. Fellow traveler bloggers who have gone down this route have suggested that I give a service like GetFans ( a go as it could give my channel’s following a boost and generate some natural growth.

We stayed at the cutest yurt, which I will be talking about soon in a post totally dedicated to reviewing this place, as you asked for on Instagram. We are living in an era where glamping has become extremely accessible to the masses and ‘yurting’ definitely falls into that category. It is a wonderful way to feel connected with nature and immerse yourself in amazing scenery. Another way of doing this is using your very own motorhome (one of my many dreams). Who wouldn’t want to have the freedom to travel wherever they like and stay wherever they like? Potentially, with the help of Auto Finance Online, this dream might come true sooner than I think!

Yet today I bring you a style related post. Bring you some tips on how to travel in style during colder months.

Western inspired outfit

Dress: here | Jumper: Zara Men. buy similar here | Hat: H&M, old, buy similar here | Boots: Timberland, buy here | Bag: buy similar here

Wearing men's clothes

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My first tip is to layer when it’s colder outside.

Layering is the best option not only because of the temperature changes during the day but also because you will get warmer as you walk around, and you can take off the layers as you want during the day.

Western inspired style

Started this layering process with my favourite dress of all time.
I’m sure you’ve seen it already, here or on Instagram, because I wear it with everything year around.

As it’s still Winter time, wore a wool Zara Men jumper and a faux fur coat over it.

White fedora hat


cute outfit idea

I don’t know about you, but I’m a walker type of tourist, so my feet have always to be comfortable so that I can walk miles.

Keeping that in mind, sneakers and mountain boots are always my first choice.

Timberland boots

Men knitwear

cute outfit


Timberland boots and feminine clothes

Feliz Domingo, malta!
Se voc?s me seguem no Instagram, provavelmente viram que fiz uma pequena viagem nos ?ltimos dias para comemorar 8? anivers?rio com meu namorado.

Fizemos glamping pela primeira vez e fic?mos num s?tio lindo, do qual eu falarei em breve num post totalmente dedicado ? review deste local, tal como voc?s pediram no Instagram.

Entretanto, trago-vos hoje uma publica??o relacionada com moda, onde vos dou algumas dicas sobre como viajar com estilo durante os dias mais frios.

A minha primeira dica ? acerca da sobreposi??o de camadas, ideal para quando est? mais frio l? fora.
Esta ? a melhor op??o, n?o s? devido ?s mudan?as de temperatura durante o dia, mas tamb?m porque ? medida que caminhamos vamos aquecendo, e voc?s podem ir tirando as camadas que quiserem ao longo do dia.

Iniciei este processo de camadas com o meu vestido favorito de todos os tempos. Tenho certeza que voc? j? est?o fartos de o ver, tanto aqu? como no Instagram. Como ainda estamos no inverno, usei uma camisola de l? da0 Zara Men e um casaco de p?lo falso.

N?o sei quanto a voc?s, mas eu sou o tipo de turista caminhante, de modo que os meus p?s sempre t?m que estar sempre confort?veis para que eu possa caminhar bastante.
Mantendo isto em mente, t?nis e botas de montanha s?o sempre a minha primeira escolha.

Espero que gostem e tenham uma excelente semana.


Timberland boots and feminine clothes

travel outfit

zara men jumper


Bohemian outfit for spring

Bohemian outfit


Travel portugal

Hope you enjoy guys, have a wonderful week.


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