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Top 5 boots to wear this Autumn


knee Hight boots outfit

They are back every year so if you’re planning on investing in a knee high boot you know this is always a good investment if you are really going to wear them.
I am considering both over the knee and knee length boot in this category, depending on your style and body type you should find a pair that will go perfectly with your wardrobe. I recommend you to go for a tan or brown colour for a more sophisticated look, personally I am quite over the black version of this boot.


Track sole boots

Thanks to Prada we will continue to wear and love this comfortable style of boot, and I don’t mind at all. Mine are from Free people and I got them at eBay but I know they aren’t easy to find because they are so popular right now, so here are some suggestions on where to get yours:


Dr Martens grunge outfit

Another boot that is not only timeless but also seasonless, meaning you can wear this style of shoes all year long, even during summer, is a great way to create some contrast in a more feminine outfit.
A great investment os a pair of Dr. Martens if you ask me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to get myself a pair of second-hand boots but I have the oxford shoes which I have been loving to wear lately.


Black and white cowboy boots

I always loved my vintage cowboy boots and will continue to wear mine ever when they won’t be trendy anymore. I just love the vintage western vibe they give to any outfit even if they are new.

If cowboy boots are too statement for you why don’t you try a toned-down version of it? My advice is to go for more of a classic ankle boot with some western-style elements to it.


I don’t know why but when I wear this shape of boots, it always makes me want to wear my minimalist pieces with it. Again I invested in two pairs of square toe boots last year and I still love them and will be wearing them for this season and many seasons to come since these are much more comfortable than my beloved pointed toe boot.

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