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New Year New Blog

Hello guys, hope you’re doing great.
2016 is finally gone. This last year there has been lots of good things and lots of things to be sad about, but let’s keep thinking positively… 2017 will be better.

I know I stopped blogging for a few months last year, which I really regret. Blogging makes me a happier person, so I plan to start doing it again this new year. I love looking into things like how to repost on instagram, how to optimize content, and generally just researching extra things to write. It makes me happy. It is incredible that there are so many helpful tools available to bloggers like me, who like to write and want to learn more about how to get instagram followers who will read and enjoy their content.
This is why I am creating this new blog with new content. Hope you enjoy it.

Writing has always been a hobby of mine. To be honest, alongside writing this blog, I would also quite like to publish my first ever book this year! Being an author must be amazing! Getting a book published is not always easy though as there is so much planning involved. Consequently, I have been doing lots of research into self publishing options. I have a few ideas in mind about what my book might look like so watch this space!

Speaking of blogging though, do you have a blog idea and you feel like it may help you be a happier person also? Getting a website online is a hard task for most, which is why someone with less technical experience should probably go to sites like for advice on launching a new website.

Anyway what are some of your plans for this year? Let me know in the comments!

x, Zazu.


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