Let's celebrate Autumn

It’s officially Autumn time! I know a lot of people might not like this season, but I personally think Autumn is the best season ever. It’s the season where temperature starts to cool down and we can pull off our cozy knits and scarves that we wore constantly throughout those cold winter months. It’s also the season where we can fill up on hot coffee and pumpkin pie! Is there a cozier thing than cuddling on the sofa while watching Stranger Things and listening to the rain touching the window? I don’t think so… I always find that TV gets so much better in the Autumn. In fact, we have recently invested in a cable package so there are quite a few TV shows and documentaries that I am looking forward to watching this season. As much as I love using Netflix for watching TV shows like Stranger Things, some of my favorite programs are on cable so I cannot wait to get stuck in! As this source here explains, there are so many brilliant cable packages out there, if you are a TV fan, getting cable is a must for Autumn. However, one of the only negative things about Autumn is the rain. The weather can be nice at times, but it can also be quite destructive too. With the rain, usually comes the wind. This combination of weather can cause a few problems to houses. One of my friends was unlucky enough to experience high winds in Autumn last year. The wind blew a number of leaves and other twigs into her gutters. This very nearly caused more damage, but she was able to call Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Fresno CA just in time to rid her gutters of these leaves. For that reason, the weather is one of the cons of this otherwise lovely season. I like it so much because it’s such a colorful season. All of the trees change colors, and they look so beautiful when they do. Whilst outside the other day, I just had to capture a picture of these trees. As you can tell by the photos I took, nature is changing in various colors… Whilst out taking pictures, I made sure to wear a quite appropriated outfit for a rainy day, based in some classic pieces everyone should have in their closets, such as the classic black turtle neck, a classic print dress, and the classic trench coat. Also the converse, these are a pair of shoes everyone should have because they are eternal and also look good with everything. They’re also pretty good with the unpredictable Autumn weather. To add a bit of interest to the outfit, wearing a red beret and the classic red lip, inspired in the French beauty. Hope you enjoy … SHOP THE LOOK: