Let's celebrate Autumn


Fall fashion

French style inspired outfit

Is not Autumn the best season ever?

It’s the season where temperature starts to cool down and we can pull off our cozy knits and scarves.

It’s the season where we can fill up on hot coffee and pumpkin pie ♥

Is there a coziest thing than being cuddling in the sofa while watching Stranger Things and listening to the rain touching the window?
I don’t think so…

Weekend outfit

It’s such a colorful season as you can tell by this photos I took today, the nature is changing in various colours…

Wore a quite appropriated outfit for a rainy day, based in some classic pieces everyone should have in their closets, such as the classic black turtle neck, a classic print dress and the classic trench coat.
Also the converse, this are a pair of shoes everyone should have because they are eternal and also look good with everything.
To add a bit of interest to the outfit, wore a red beret and the classic red lip, inspired in the french beauty.

Hope you enjoy …

Rainy day outfit idea

Converse all stars

Classic pieces outfit

classic trench coat

Check details

Fashion details

French beret

Red beret

Autumn fashion

Hands holding a pine cone

French beauty

Saturday outfit



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