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How to mix different prints

Happy Friday everyone!!

Today I am writing about a quite controversial theme in the Fashion world: mixing patterns.
There are the super fans of mixing and there are also those people that prefer more basic clean outfits.

I like bought, depends on the personal style of each person. My style stands in the middle, so I mix patterns but tend to stay in the classic pattern range most of the times.

Today I am sharing with you two outfit ideas using different tricks for those who are more skeptical to mixing different patterns.

Leopard print and stripes

Outfit ideas

For the first outfit I did something I do very often.
I always consider stripes aren’t a pattern. Since this is the most classic easy pattern of all time, you can totally wear it as a basic, and you will instantly add more interest to your outfit.
Just imagine this first outfit with a basic red top instead the striped one… not as interesting right?

Fashion and architecture

Street style: mix patterns

Fashion and architecture

Outfit ideas for Fall

Two piece edgy combo

French style outfit

Mix different prints with different colours

Fashion details

Top: here | Animal print set: H&M, buy similar here and here | Shoes: here | Bag: Mango, buy it here



Monochromatic outfit

For the second outfit, the trick is to pick two different patterns that share at least one colour.
Here I went for a monochromatic outfit but you can go crazier with the colours.
Hope you find this post helpful in any way.

Polka dot pattern

Fashion details

Fashion details

monochromatic pattern mixing

Fishnets and blazer combo

Polka dot dress



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