Coolest swimwear trends of 2018

Hi everyone, how are you?
Summer is here and there are a lot of new trends in the swimwear department this year, so I decided to share with you guys my favorite ones at the moment…



This trend is on since last year and I am still not over it yet…
Not only it is the cutest trend ever but it can also help to accentuate any aspects of our body we want give a little bit more attention to.

1. here      |      2. here      |      3. here      |      4. here


Retro styles:

From the fruit patterns to the accentuation of the waist… This beautiful pieces takes us in a ride to the 50’s, and I love it.

1. here      |      2. here      |      3. here      |      4. here


High Legs and knots:

Remember those bottoms from the 1980s? If you don’t, think aerobics class (yeah, I was born in the 90’s either)…
The leg lines that literally goes above the hip bone is back in the swimwear department and I am loving it.
This trend is great news for all of us petite girls since high leg cuts tend to elongate out small legs 🙂

1. here      |      2. here      |      3. here      |      4. here


Smocked details:

Smocked swimwear is that easy-to-wear trend I personal didn’t try yet, but I am loving to see it…
We easily feel so attracted to its texture, whether it is a one-piece or a bikini.
Hope this trend stays around for a wile, it is one of those trends that just make me happy.

1. here      |      2. here      |      3. here      |      4. here



Let me know what was your favorite style in the comments bellow.


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