Being ourselves

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great.
Every human being should have their own uniform.
In this context an uniform isn’t an outfit you have to wear because you belong to an organization, it is actually the opposite.
So let’s call it personal uniform…

Your personal uniform is a type of outfit you have in a few versions of it and wear a lot (a bit like the cartoons), in other words, your signature look.

If you still haven’t your’s , here are a few tips to help build it:So it has to make you feel great in your own skin, but also has to be comfortable.

Also advice to choose pieces that will transition well, this should be worn across three seasons at least.

This leads me to my last tip: Your personal uniform does not have to be exactly the same every day, so be flexible  and have fun with it!

This is my uniform: a maxi dress, preferably is white with some comfy boots and a biker jacket. This is how I feel great in my own skin.Hope you enjoy this post.



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