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5 steps to start being a happier person TODAY

Today is the first day of the weekend so it is the perfect day to bring some happiness to your life.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of my time with my best friend. She is currently going through a divorce and so I have been doing my best to lift her spirits and support her during this tough time.

Going through a divorce is something that no one likes to think too much about. Especially when you are young like my friend. However, if your relationship has turned sour, staying in a loveless marriage can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Do you know anyone who is going through a divorce? Or are you in the process of filing for divorce from your partner?

No matter what your circumstances, it is important to remember that although marriages, civil partnerships, and relationships can all break down, legal support is out there to help you make the best decisions for your future.

So, with all this in mind, here are my 5 steps to happiness that I have been sharing with my friend to help her get through her divorce.


Define one single life goal: HAPPINESS.
I believe this is the ultimate goal for every single person, or at least it should be. I’m sure you have lots of other goals but all of them are little steps to achieve this main goal: your happiness.


“Don’t worry, be happy”

Take this seriously. Forget all your concerns, whether they are work related or not… Sometimes we just need a time out.
And above all, try not to care about other’s people opinions. If what other people are eventually going to say about you is stopping you from doing what makes you happy, forget them and their opinions… Go ahead and do it! Just make sure this won’t interfere with the freedoms of others. And this leads me to the next step:


Surround yourself with what makes you happy

Let yourself be surrounded by what makes you happy. If what makes you happy is being with your friends, go drink a beer with them, if what makes you happy is to be in touch with nature, throw it all away and go hiking away from civilization…


Be optimistic

Seek out the positive in any experience. Even if you step on dogs poop, laugh about it and next time watch your step. This is actually a very simplistic example but it can apply it to all obstacles in life.



I think there are many ways for relaxing, depending on your preferences. My favorite one is through meditation, which can be taught to you by yoga teachers who may have done their yoga teacher training in rishikesh or somewhere similar. Many people may decide to do it this way so that they are able to learn the proper techniques. I prefer to do it on my own, but that’s just me. It shouldn’t matter if you do it in a class, or on your own, as all that matters is that you start to feel more relaxed. If you aren’t into meditation, you can just take a break and take a walk, get some fresh air, listen to relaxing music and focus on your inner voice.


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