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30 pieces summer capsule wardrobe

Happy new month beautiful people.
Ten days ago I decided to quit fast fashion and unsubscribed to all fast fashion newsletters subscriptions I had.
Since we are in the middle of summer sale season I decided to create a capsule wardrobe for the month of July to help me to keep up with the challenge of going from shopaholic to conscious shopper.

So here is my summer 30 piece capsule wardrobe… composed of clothing and shoes and excluding accessories, loungewear and workout clothes (as if I exercise).
Actually, my capsule wardrobe is composed by 29 pieces +1 wild card, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add a pair of sandals or a summer dress I am hunting on depop or even a denim jacket, so I decided to leave that position open to later adding the piece I feel will make more sense as I do the challenge thought out the month.

So here are my 29 picks:

30 pieces capsule wardrobe

As you can tell, my neutral main colour is white but you can go for black, grey, navy or even cream if you prefere. Let me know if you want me to do a post about how to choose the colours of your capsule wardrobe.
The pieces are very casual and comfortable with a few bits of my favorite aesthetics such as bohemian and Parisian style.

Here’s how I organized the pieces into categories:

8 Tops:
4 basics + 2 graphic tees + 1 blouse + 1 sweatshirt
. Basic white t-shirt
. White crop t-shirt
. Pastel yellow t-shirt
. Camel knit top
. White band t-shirt
. Black band t-shirt
. Embroidery Anglaise blouse
. Grey Sweatshirt

5 pairs of trousers:
3 jeans + linen trousers + cotton trousers
. White straight-leg jeans
. Vintage blue jeans
. Black skinny jeans
. Vintage linen trousers
. Camel trousers

2 Skirts:
. White pleated midi skirt
. Cream embroidered mini skirt

2 pairs of shorts:
. Vintage denim shorts
. Black cycling shorts

3 dresses:
. White shirt dress
. T-shirt dress
. Floral midi dress

1 Playsuit:
. Denim shorts dungarees

3 Pieces of Outwear:
. Camel trench coat
. Yellow blazer
. Camel blazer (suit with the trousers)

5 pairs of shoes :
. Nike Air Force 1
. Pastel yellow converse
. Vans old Skool
. Black Castaner Espadrilles
. Vintage cowboy boots

I wanted to have a mix of new and things I’ve been wearing a lot lately, before the challenge. I tried my very best to have most things in stock, but some things are on sale and others out of stock (Sorry!!) but I put very similar products.

Hope you enjoy this post, as it is the part 1 of this challenge, the second part will be out at the end of the month when I will be sharing all my 30 outfits with you, meanwhile I will be sharing my outfits everyday on Instagram if you want to keep up with the challenge.

Feel free to join the challenge and have a wonderful day.

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