10×10 Wardrobe challenge: the pieces

What is the 10 x 10 Wardrobe challenge?

This challenge was created by the blogger from Style Bee and consists on wearing only 10 items during 10 days making 10 different outfits.
The idea is to keep 10 different items from your current wardrobe, can’t wear anything new. This is handy as it teaches you how to be more sensible with the amount you spend on clothes, and even allows you to get a smaller wardrobe like those from Furniture in Fashion, which frees up more space in your home.
The items that can be incorporated into the challenge are the following:
? Tops
? Jumpers
? Trousers
? Dresses
? Outwear
? Shoes
The accessories are not included πŸ™‚

Bellow each item I will explain why I chose each one of them and where you can get similar products.

Let me know if you ever tried this challenge and your thoughts on it.

The long dress:
Firstly I selected a white solid color dress that I wear all the time and looks good with everything. But then I thought this challenge would be a lot more interesting if I’d challenge myself to add a few nonbasic pieces, such as this long printed dress.
This dress is the newest piece I chose. However, it has more than 6 months in my wardrobe, it may only be worn once, so this challenge will be a great opportunity to rework it.

The cream jumpsuit:
This is the first piece that came to my mind when I first thought about what pieces I should incorporate into the 10x10challenge. And that’s because I wear culottes all the time, but adding this jumpsuit instead of just culottes, will be adding more possibilities to my outfits.


The Band Tee:
Everyone wears tee-shirts, right?
Now let me tell you once you open my tee-shirt drawer, you will mostly see band tees. So I couldn’t make this challenge mine without a band tee.

The chunky knit:
If you find me on a regular day, there is a huge chance for you to find me wearing an oversized chunky knit, unless it is a hot summer day.
Selected this one because, although it looks super cozy, it actually is quite fresh because of the design of the knit, so it’s perfect for this transitional weather.


White long sleeve top:
The classic piece I need to relate all the pieces together. Went for a light colour to keep the colour scheme in harmony with the rest of the pieces.

Boyfriend jeans:
Who doesn’t wear jeans? No one I know at least.
Went for a light wash levis with a boyfriend style cut to be more comfortable since I will be wearing these a lot thought out the next days. Also, hate to wear tight jeans especially when it starts getting warmer outside.


Biker Jacket:
I don’t know about you, but where I live Spring can be a little tricky, somedays may be super warm and sunny and the next day will be raining, you may even get this two kinds of weather during the same day. This is why I selected 2 jackets for this 10 piece wardrobe.
Always knew I’d have to have a biker jacket. Chose this one because of its vintage appearance and also because of its warm undertone.

Trench coat:
Have this piece for the longest time and wear it the most during the Spring and Autumn.
Also, this piece is such a staple, looks great with everything else in this wardrobe.


Western shoes:
The shoes were definitely the hardest part for me. I would be much happier if the shoes didn’t count as pieces on this challenge πŸ™‚
But had to follow the rules, and, as may already noticed, I live in western pointed boots, so selected this super old River Island shoes I have been wearing all seasons during 5 or most years.

The other shoes had to be sneakers to make easier to walk miles if I needed to.
The type of sneaker I wear the most is definitely my converse. Went for this cream classic hi-top to add the vintage feeling I love so much to an outfit.



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